BUTT Magazine 30 Spring 2022

BUTT Magazine 30 Spring 2022

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BUTT is back in print. The veritable home of faggotry returns with a brand new 30th issue spilling over the rim with a super diverse cast of contemporary people:
BABYNYMPH, by Spyros Rennt
Hyperpop DJ loves the artificial and hates discreet men

AJAMU X, by CL Mayers and Cameron Ugbodu, with works by Ajamu X
Hosting London’s Black Perverts Network

HOLLI SMITH, by Felix Burrichter and Kuba Ryniewicz
The reigning queen of queer hair

SEQUENCE, by Clifford Prince King and Willy Ndatira

BILLY VEGA, by AA Bronson and Victor Luque
The perfervid porn star

HOMOKOMANDO, by Karol Radziszewski and Kuba Ryniewicz
Buff resistance in Poland

JOINT, by Heinz Peter Knes

SUNIL GUPTA, by Prem Sahib and Kuba Ryniewicz, with works by Sunil Gupta
Cruising with his camera

RICHARD JOHN JONES, by Erik Wong and Anton Shebetko
On art and fisting

TEARGARTEN, by David Lindert
Poems and photographs

FÉLIX MARITAUD, by Gert Jonkers and Spyros Rennt
The highly versatile actor

TONY’s DIARY, by Sean DeLear, with Michael Bullock, Cesar Padilla and Daniel Trese
The 1979 Diaries of a Bitchen Faggot

BUTT no. 30 is made with the work, ideas and support of BUTT’s editorial club: Spyros Rennt, Jina Khayyer, KK Obi, Prem Sahib, Jessica Gysel, CL Mayers, Erik Wong, Zac Bayly, Rogier Delfos, Denny Backhaus, Andrew Pasquier, Nathaniel Feldmann, Jop van Bennekom and Gert Jonkers

And: Kuba Ryniewicz, Michael Bullock, Ian Giles, Anton Shebetko, Cameron Ugbodu, Cesar Padilla, Daniel Trese, Heinz Peter Knes, Sunil Gupta, Ajamu, Karol Radziszewski, Clifffford Prince King, Victor Luque, Willy Ndatira, David Lindert, Tom Johnston, David Kenzler, Phillip Picardi, Felix Burrichter, Sean DeLear, AA Bronson, Wolfgang Tillmans, Branco Riquelme, Sam Ashby and Paul Flynn

104 pages
24 × 17 cm

© BUTT Magazine