Tokyo Art Trip - Japanese Green Tea

Tokyo Art Trip - Japanese Green Tea

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Green tea is a popular drink within the world, however, many have not seen or tasted when it is made traditionally. This series helps explore where you can experience this and how you can elevate your own cup of tea.

In this edition of the 6 part series of exploring perspectives of art and design in Tokyo, we get to experience traditional Japanese Green Tea. The four advisors featured in this book are Green tea sommeliers and instructors. They will help you from the basics of enjoying Green Tea while being wary of your surroundings. Then moving into the different types of tea, how to brew your own tea, and lastly where to purchase tea.


Tokyo Artrip is a 6 part bilingual guidebook series that introduces Japanese art, design, and culture. With each book covering different aspects and topics by experts accompanied by quality photos. This book is not only perfect to learn but is a great way to plan a trip to Japan! Currently, in this series, there are Japanese Green Tea, Wagashi, Architecture, Antiques, Sake, and Coffee Shops. 

4.7" W x 8.3" D x .75" H
4 Chapters
128 Pages
Full Color Photos
Japanese & English