David Horvitz - Oui

David Horvitz - Oui

Opening April 23rd
Closing on a rainy day

Yvon Lambert is pleased to announce an exhibition of recent works and new editions by David Horvitz.

David Horvitz is an artist whose work shifts seamlessly. Shifts that occur when natural phenomena adopt a nomadic personality, finding loopholes and alternative logics within them. He has in the past decade created a body of work that spans, weather, gastronomy, travel, measurement, and public space. He deliberately counters patterns derived from professionalization and efficiency. Horvitz, half-Japanese, by the ocean, his head buried in his hands, gathers and disperses through airport lost and found services. Pebbles often possess a naturally frosted finish.

David Horvitz OUIJA is a two parts exhibition which will take place at Yvon Lambert Paris and Chert Berlin in the spring of 2016.