Exposition du 22 mai au 20 juin 2021
Exhibition from 22nd May to 20th June, 2021

L'oeuvre est disponible ici
The artwork is available here

“1,440 postcards were sent to Paris.

They were mostly sent from Los Angeles.

Though some were mailed from Richmond, Virginia and Virginia’s Eastern Shore while I was opening an exhibition there.

On each postcard I copied the time of the day, transcribing what it said on my phone’s clock.

1,440 postcards.

One for each minute of the day.

1,440 minutes of the day.

They were not done consecutively, like an exhausting endurance artwork. They were made over the period of some days, until I had borne witness to each unique minute of the measure of a day.

I think of them like distributed time signals, crossing the Atlantic Ocean, sent from me to you.

They are inscriptions, transcriptions, writings, drawings, awarenesses, witnesses to time, to time’s abstraction, and to time passing.

The gallery walls are painted black. Inevitably some will be delayed, maybe even lost. One was already even sent to me (the post office machine must have read my return address instead of the one intended). For the ones that have not arrived by the opening the empty black wall will expose its absence.* Any late arrivals will be installed each day as they come in.

At 5:44am on one of the days I heard the first crow call of the morning.

Then at 5:45 I heard the first raven.

I would like Yvon to sell these in person to you at the same time they depict. So they also become a record of a shared moment with both of you. I don’t know what he will do for the ones when he is sleeping.

*This idea came from Felipe Ehrenberg. RIP.”

— David Horvitz