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Catherine Servel de Cosmi - Alphabet

Catherine Servel de Cosmi - Alphabet

New Collection Launch
June 6, 2024
6 PM - 8 PM

Catherine Servel is a jewelry designer and photographer based in the ancient Roman town of Arles in the south of France.

Always having been drawn to jewelry and sculpture, she launched her eponymous fine jewelry line De Cosmi (the half of her family's last name lost during the French Revolution) in 2019 in New York City.

Catherine's appreciation for the human form and sculptural juxtapositions is palpable in her work which can be characterized as sensual and subtle while also provocative and graphic.

Inherent to her design process is an imperative for pieces to be comfortable and wearable regardless of their scale, and for each to show the signs of hand made construction.

For Catherine, jewelry design and creation is as much a fine art as her practice in photography, simply with different means of production. This viewpoint allows her the freedom to design and produce pieces that are both wearable jewelry and sculpture all at once.

© Catherine Servel de Cosmi
© De Cosmi

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