Kenneth Goldsmith - THEORY

Kenneth Goldsmith - THEORY

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Kenneth Goldsmith’s Theory offers an unprecedented reading of the contemporary world: 500 texts – from poems and musings to short stories – printed on 500 pages assembled
in the form of a ream of paper. Curated by the author-poet, this unique collection maps out the various issues and trends in contemporary literature in a world currently being shaken up by everything online and digital,and calls for the reinvention of creative forms.

Born in 1961 in New York.
Lives in New York.
MoMA’s first poet laureate, founder and editor of UbuWeb, professor of Uncreative Writing at the University of Pennsylvania and the host of NYC-area radio station WFMU for fifteen years, Kenneth Goldsmith is a leading voice in the contemporary creative world.

500 pages
Assembled in the form of a ream of paper

Complete Edition in English,
Directed by Mathieu Cénac and David Desrimais.
Hand in hand with Pierre-Édouard Couton
and Olivia de Smedt.

Graphic Design: ¬ Groupe CCC

English Edition
ISBN 978-2-365-680-103 
Publication: May 2015