Hans Ulrich Obrist - Are you here ?

Hans Ulrich Obrist - Are you here ?

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« Dans Are you here?, l’ensemble que Hans Ulrich Obrist vient de créer demeure proche d’un monde primordial, c’est même ce qui, dès le premier regard, nous attire. » Etel Adnan

“In Are you here?, the ensemble that Hans Ulrich Obrist has just created remains close to a primordial world, it’s even what, at first glance, attracts us.” Etel Adnan

Are you here? 
Hans Ulrich Obrist

Introduction by Etel Adnan
Collection Uncreative Writings
Jean Boîte Éditions, Paris, 2018
ISBN 978-2-36568-014-1
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Are you here? compiles for the first time the stamp drawings that Hans Ulrich Obrist has composed for years, sometimes organized in clusters or lists, to flirt with concrete poetry.

Are you here? is introduced by Etel Adnan, poet and artist, who gives us keys to reading this parallel and yet central practice in the construction of one of the most important curators of our time.