Une Rêverie émanée de mes loisirs

Une Rêverie émanée de mes loisirs (Musings from my leisures)is the title of the bibliophilia collection Yvon Lambert created in 1992. The title refers to a text by Jean-Claude Lebensztejn, which was the collection’s starting point.

Yvon Lambert asks artists to create a book that may or may not deal with Lebensztejn text.

The first four books of the collection were printed at the french "Imprimerie Nationale", according to the tradition of bibliophilia.

Over the years, the collection evolved, but the same idea remains : the artists conceive alone or in collaboration with a writer a book of their choice. The books is thus a work art in itself, an edition of 150 copies, among which only 108 are for sale. Until today, thirty books have been produced.