Olivier Kervern - La Mort en Été (Signed/Signé)

Olivier Kervern - La Mort en Été (Signed/Signé)

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* Édition limitée à 200 exemplaires numérotés et signés avec une photo de planche contact découpée à l'intérieur.
* Limited edition of 200 copies numbered and signed with a cut-out index photo inside

"The light, the stone, the body is sensuality that I did not know. I spent all my holidays in Brittany and did not know the Mediterranean before my twenty-five years. Living as in books or in films I loved was a shock, if I may say so. Follow an intuition / fantasy of something intimate and stranger. In “La Mort en Été”, I wanted to keep the series of divers as a sequence shot interspersed with another time, other characters. There is something intimate and stranger."
- Olivier Kervern

"Des hymnes à la vie, la nature ne sait rien. Du langage de la mort, la nature se souvient"
- Arthur Dreyfus

Edited by Bonjour Editions.
Published by Bonjour Editions.
Text by Arthur Dreyfus.
Layout by Olivier Kervern & Cédric Mazet Zaccardelli.
Supported by Rive Gauche Gallery.
38 pages
2nd Edition, 2019
200 copies
All rights reserved

© Olivier Kervern 2017
© Bonjour Editions 2017